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The purpose of the UC San Diego Research Methodology Training Lab is to train students from disadvantaged backgrounds to conduct research in a biochemical science lab to prepare them to enter graduate programs in the health sciences and/or pursue careers in healthcare in order to address health disparities.

For over twenty years the Center of Excellence –Research Methodology Training Laboratory has trained and inspired young, low-income and underrepresented minority students to pursue their careers in the biomedical and health sciences. 

Only 28% of Underrepresented Minority (URM) students who enter postsecondary institutions nationally choose a major in the biomedical field. In contrast, 76% of RMTL students are retained in the biomedical sciences.

Additionally, COE- RMTL has a 100% graduation rate from high school and university. There is only a 76% high school graduation rate for students from similar backgrounds at the national level. Of those RMTL students who graduate from university, 53% are in graduate or professional programs and 19% are currently applying. Only 4% of URMs nationally reach this level of educational attainment.

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During the summer, students participate in a structured science and research programs.  We offer a 2 weeks summer science program for middle school students, 5 weeks summer research program for high school and community college students and an academic year long research training program for undergraduates. Students in the 5 weeks summer and yearlong academic programs develop an original research project, write a report and prepare a presentation to take to conferences.

In addition to their projects all students are exposed to lectures on health disparities research, while high school students participate in an SAT prep course. Students may continue their research during the academic year.

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