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Dr. Eduardo Fricovsky
Director, UC San Diego HCOP-RMTL Academy
Mr. Dominic Cooper
Program Coordinator

     Dr. Fricovsky is an Associate Clinical Professor at the UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy. He graduated with a BS from UCSD and obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy degree at UCSF School of Pharmacy in 2006. He went on to complete an NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Research Service Post-Doctoral Fellowship from 2006-2009 in the Department of Medicine at UCSD. Over the past 6 years Dr.Fricovsky has trained dozens of students in the laboratory including undergraduate, graduate and pharmacy students at UCSD. He has a broad training in biochemistry and molecular biology.  Dr. Fricovsky is Chair and Advisor of several student led community health outreach organizations in the Health Sciences and is former Director of the LEGACY Summer Research Program that trained middle school students during the summer in science and laboratory skills. Dr. Fricovsky has been appointed the new Director of the RMTL program. He is a former participant of the RMTL program and owes his success to his participation in the program.

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Park E. Trefts Summer Science Program for Middle School Students

     Dominic Cooper has been active in the San Diego Community for over two decades. Particularly in South East San Diego, Dominic has been an advocate for our San Diego youth to have a better chance at progress and future success, coming from our underrepresented neighborhoods. His effective motto is "If you're not giving back to your community, you are taking away from it." As a proponent of the youth in South East San Diego, he founded the S.U.C.C.E.S.S Group at 47th St. Church of GOD. The S.U.C.C.E.S.S Group at 47th has been involved in youth summer college programs, Education Expos, Art events, youth workshops, fundraisers, as well as many various activities in our South East San Diego Area.


Percy Russell Summer Science Research Program for High School Students

      In his lifetime, Dominic has had the great benefit of being mentored in Education and Community Activism by many that had the passion for help underrepresented kids in South East San Diego. Most notably, the late Dr. Park Trefts, an Immunologist at UC San Diego, help guide Dominic's drive and devotion to continue give opportunities to kids of South East San Diego. In 2016, Dominic joined the UC San Diego Research Methodology Training Laboratory (RMTL) at the UC San Diego Health Sciences Campus, directed by Dr. Eduardo Fricovsky. Dominic continues to strive, motivating and influencing others to do the same at UC San Diego, while also being a strong voice for Youth, Community and Spiritual leader for the youth in South East San Diego.


Dr. Ebonee Williams, Ph.D.
Board Member

Dr. Ebonée Williams has a background in advanced polymer composites research with emphasis on vacuum assisted resin transfer molding and polynanomeric composite application in aerospace. Dr. Williams has hosted polymer composite training sessions for FAA inspectors, Boeing engineers and college students; she has taught both undergraduates and graduates in the discipline, as well.

        Currently she serves as the inaugural Executive Director of the Bernard and Sophia Gordon Engineering Leadership Center, creating ambassadors for engineering by strengthening the leadership skills of engineers at all levels. In this role, Dr. Williams demonstrates passion in all activities which include manager an advisory board of engineering executives, leading workshops on a wide-range of technical leadership skills, individual and group coaching sessions, and lecturing in both leadership and technical courses. Dr. Williams takes pride in her ability to provide efficient solutions to complex problems ranging from chemical processes to student development and education.

      Dr. Williams earned her B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brown University and the University of Washington, respectively. She also has a Masters in Industrial Business Management from the Lille Business School in France. She has a Professional Performance Coaching Certification.

      Her commitment to inter-disciplinary and applied education is evident throughout her career. She has started multiple successful programs at UC San Diego to support student development through service learning, leadership and career success, academic and beyond. As a teacher, leader, and change agent she is actively engaged in both local and national communities in hopes of creating new opportunities.


Board Member
Ms. Anita Ricablanca, BS

      As co-founder, master teacher and coordinator of the Research Methodology Training Laboratory (RMTL) at the UCSD School of Medicine, Anita Ricablanca embodies the UCSD Principles of Community. Since 1988, Ricablanca helped design and implement a variety of programs that have provided more than 400 disadvantaged students with the skills necessary to advance through the science pipeline. All of Ricablanca’s students are from socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. Ms. Ricablanca is now retired from UC San Diego but continues to serve on our Board of Directors for the RMTL program

Board Member
Director of the Multidiscipline Teaching Laboratories
Daphne Summers-Torres
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